The Majia Group is a Multi-Disciplinary Branding, Digital Media & Marketing Agency.

The Majia Group has led the creative branding industry for over 16 years and in that time has cultivated a powerful reputation as a productive multidisciplinary agency. We produce positive results for premium clientele in the realm of branding, marketing, event production, web presence/social media management, PR, and business development.
The Majia Group has worked with multiple lifestyle brands and consumer ad agencies helping them create unique campaigns, producing events, developing creative content and launching mobile, web and social campaigns that win loyal consumers and achieve sales objectives.

The Majia Group’s Areas of Expertise
    • Brand Development: Story-Identity-Strategy
    • Website & Mobile Site Development
    • Marketing & Advertising Strategy
    • Shopping Experience/In-store Merchandising, Promotions
    • Content & Media Development
    • Social Media Management
    • Multi-Cultural Branding and Outreach
    • Event Production